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GJFA visits his Excellency the Ambassador of Ghana

On July 10, the members of GJFA visited the Ghana Embassy and had the pleasure to directly meet with his Excellency the Ambassador of Ghana.
As Mr. Frank Okyere was newly inducted as Ambassador to Japan, we the members of GJFA thought it was best if we reach out and express our desire to deepen relations and opportunities between the two countries.

In a heartfelt meeting, Ambassador Okyere expressed to us that Ghana was looking forward to the horizon, aiming to place a factory in every village in order to boost the economy and provide better opportunities for their people.

By placing an emphasis on local manufacturing, Ambassador Okyere said that Ghana was looking to further increase the number of jobs in Ghana.

While GJFA also is prolific in the area of digital technologies, we introduced some parties that may be interested in investing in the agriculture, fishing and manufacturing industries.
Ambassador Okyere was gracious and promised to aid GJFA in our further endeavors.

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