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Our Talents

Kei Fujinami

Representative DirectorKei Fujinami

Kei Fujinami has always been involved in technology, and his involvement in Isobar Japan saw him develop CMS services across more than 300 sites, where he oversaw the creation, operation and promotion of projects. Now CEO of The Sun Strategic Solutions, Kei manages projects that combine Website design with SEO/Performance Media/SNS together with a wide range of cutting edge tools such as App development/Machine Learning/IOT.

Jerry Agyemang

DirectorJerry Agyemang

Holding multiple senior positions in business while living in Japan, Jerry joined members of THE SSS to visit Ghana in 2017. His support was key in connecting THE SSS to a variety of ministers, academic heads and political members. An accomplished accountant, he has been instrumental in the founding of GJFA.

Robert John

DirectorRobert John

Originally from San Diego, California, Robert headed to Tokyo to work for Square Enix after graduating with a CS degree from RPI in New York. After a stint in the software entertainment giant, he joined an Intellectual Property Firm, where he eventually passed the bar amd served as a US Patent Agent. A chance meeting on 3/11 threw Robert into the world of digital advertising, eventually entwining himself with a startup which would eventually evolve into Dentsu isobar. There he consulted and helped on a number of global projects with major players.

He joined The Sun Strategic Solutions Inc. in 2016 to take the reigns of International Business Development and continues to look for new, unique ways to bring people and ideas together

Kiyotake Sugita

DirectorKiyotake Sugita

Kiyotake has a stellar record as director of sales, manufacturing, marketing, advertising and business development across various luminaries such as Michelin, Bureau Veritas, TUV SUD, MacLean-Fogg as well as acting as Country Sales Manager for GE Plastics while in Indonesia and the Philippines.

He joins GJFA bringing his vast wealth of experience to bear as our key adviser.

Emilia Brookman

WriterEmilia Brookman

2016 BSC Family and Consumer Science, Opt. Family and Child Studies
University of Ghana, Legon.

2017 University of Ghana, Dept. of Family and Consumer Sciences
Position: Teaching Assistant- National Service

2018 She joined the GJFA as a writer

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