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It’s actually so nice to do a lot of travelling in one’s lifetime. Apart from seeing a lot, it helps learn more from othe. With some trips you have the choice to choose a particular option or means of travelling but with others you don’t have an option. You can imagine someone in Ghana wanting to go to America with a bus. It’s very impossible and even if possible it would be very much stressful. Many people choose their means of transportation based on where they are going and what they have in hand as transportation. No matter how I might not like to travel on a boat or canoe, I can’t have another option if I intend going to Nzulelzu, the village on Silt. Travelling by road is very popular in Ghana and so a lot of people tend to make use of that means.

Travelling by water on the other side isn’t very common. Some villages have canoes which take them to do trade from one place to another. These canoes take between 4 and 10 people depending on its size, the kind of water body as well as how much luggage these passengers have. People may want to travel by canoes to do business, shoot videos among others. Theses canoes are normally driven by who live on the village and have an idea of what happens in that environment. Charges are quiet cheap. During the raining seasons, most of these boats might take less people to avoid any form of accident. Others do not even travel at all for fear of high water levels.

There are some ferries that cross the Volta Lake at different points.
Some travel north to south of the lake. These ones do not frequently run due to water level or condition of the ferry boat itself.

The Akosombo –Yeji cargo ferry carries a limited number of passengers on its once-weekly service and is an adventurous way of reaching Tamale. The journey takes a minimum of thirty -five hours usually depending on the engine of the ferry, the time of departure and the number of loading stops. Standard seats cost between twenty Ghana Cedis and forty Ghana Cedis whiles an air-conditioned double cabin is ninety Cedis per person.

Most travelers on the ferry say that, the journey is quiet adventurous and definitely worth it. It also gives them the opportunity to admire nature as they come across small islands and landscape.
Some villages like; Nzulezu in the western region, Hini in the central Region as well as some villages in the Volta and Northern regions travel by water to do business and trade. Some children even attend schools in neighboring towns by crossing river with boats. In times of very heavy rains some of these students have no choice than to stay at home. We have a few places which when you want to move you would have just the by water option. Some others you can travel by a road but the distance would be too hectic to walk and hence people would prefer the water to the land.

Air travelling is one thing that wasn’t so common back in the days. It was only associated with people who had a lot of money to pay for plane tickets. For one to travel by air, it is required of the person to have a passport and a visa. There used to be flights which go outside the country only but now we have domestic flights and is patronized by a lot of people. International flights might not take you to the exact destination depending on where you are going. Some land you straight at the airport of your destination as others require that you do transit. Basically any over sea trip is done by air.

Domestic airlines are available from Accra to Kumasi or Tamale, Tamale to Wa, Wa to Kumasi and Tamale to Kumasi and Takoradi to kumasi. These journeys can be done by road also but who would want to sit in a car for ten hours and over whilst he or she can make do with a forty-five-minute trip in air. If you have enough money its way better to save yourself the stress when going to any of these places. Fares vary for standard and Business sections. Some business people are very much not interested in wasting so much time in a car and would straightaway choose to travel by air as time is money. These domestic airlines have really come to stay and is being patronized by people from all walks of life. Some students prefer to use that after vacation especially when they want to meet an event happening at home. It’s become common for you to see people interested in building domestic airlines. You might not even need a passport to do in land air travelling but you will surely need a valid government issued PHOTO ID.
Apart from places which do not have any option than one means of transportation Ghana doesn’t restrict you to a particular means. Some people travel by certain means so they could just have the experience. Either ways you will surely reach your destination at the end of the day. Traveling in Ghana is by no doubt interesting because there’s always something to try out and experience.

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